Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Wise Ways for Life

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have it all together? They are unstressed no matter what, no matter their age. Research shows that these people often have common traits or common habits which I read about and that you might wish to consider:

·       * Don’t do anything you will have to lie about later.

·        *Practice preventive maintenance in every aspect of your life, i.e. your car, your health, your teeth, your personal relationships.

·        *Do not procrastinate which is stressful. Hard work is often just the accumulation of easy things you didn’t do when you should have.

·      *  Take 30-minute walks every day, an easy way to cure stress and a great way to think.

·       * Seek the friendship of non-worriers.

·        * Simplify all areas of your life.

·        *Before speaking your mind, ask yourself if it is true, necessary and kind.

·        *Do at least one thing you enjoy every day.

·        * Laugh often.

·       * Learn to live one day at a time.

·        * Focus on understanding and loving.

·        * Keep smiling.

Have a great day!




Wednesday, August 10, 2022


What a Summer!                      

Like many people I am back to my routine after taking a break, something everyone needs. But even if you were far away for a while, there’s no way you could have avoided how climate is affecting people everywhere around the globe.                                                                                                There’s no way climate-change deniers can continue to preach that all is well and that people are exaggerating the damage being thrown at our planet. The summer is only half over yet we’ve seen all sorts of climate disasters from life-taking floods to fires that destroy forests and communities, from the highest recorded temperatures some regions have ever seen to once fertile land now so desolate no vegetation can grow. One thing I saw on the news and could not believe was a river of water in the desert.                                                                                                                    My question: Do we still have time to repair the damage? While most people are involved in doing their part, be it through composting, recycling, etc. we still have a lot to do. Almost everywhere single-use plastic bags are now banned and people bring their own reusable bags when they go shopping. No one is complaining even if they didn’t think it was feasible when the idea was first floated. How many fewer plastic bags are ending up in our rivers and oceans? As they say: It’s all good.

             It is, and we, humans, can adapt to lots of things if we set our minds to it especially if we all work together. Let’s hope we can rely on each other to do the right thing.   

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A Real Winner

While watching the evening news a few days ago, I saw an interview with a man who had just won a huge amount of money in a lottery draw – more than 70 millions. He was besieged with the usual question: What are your plans for the money? The man replied: I will be donating it to Ukraine to help them rebuilt.

            What a refreshing notion! Normally lotto winners talk of trips, buying property, travel, and the like. Not this latest winner. He wanted his winnings to do something very positive for others. All those who bought tickets in the draw can feel good that their contributions will have a positive effect.

            Many years back I knew a family who won more than 30 million dollars in a lottery draw. I remember that some family members had put money in a pot and that several tickets were purchased. For some reason, the winnings were not divided the way they should have been which resulted in much dispute. Lawyers were involved and eventually courtroom drama. The end result was that the family ended up with a fraction of the original money won. How sad.

            Winners of large amounts of money often end up with nearly nothing because of bad decisions. I suppose if you never had much money and suddenly ended up with millions, you might go a little bonkers and not think too clearly. Certainly contrary to the winner who will donate his millions to Ukraine.




Summer is finally here! Glorious weeks set aside to enjoy the good weather. It is a shame that some people lose that joyful elation over the years, but it’s never too late to change our way of thinking.  I, for one, intend to celebrate life to the fullest in the coming weeks with family and friends and generally making it a point to do things that will take me out of my usual rut so I can move to a new tune for a while.

I am therefore taking a break, and will get back to my blog in August. Remember: you don’t stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing.

Have a great summer!




Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Beware of Cons

I was walking in my local mall recently when a man approached me to ask for money. I assumed the man to be in his early sixties but certainly not homeless. He was well dressed, well groomed and appeared to be in fine shape. His graying hair gave him a sophisticated look. He told me someone had stolen his wallet and that he had absolutely no money to get back home on the bus.

Being at an age that leads me to be somewhat weary of strangers wanting money—any amount—I told him that unfortunately I was broke myself. He then boldly suggested that we might go to an ATM where I could get cash so I could give him some money. I firmly told him no and walked away, but I did keep an eye on him. Women of varying ages seemed to be giving him $5 and $10. He was after all a poor boomer who had been victimized by a thief. Who could say no!

A bit later as I approached the ATM at one end of the mall, I saw an older woman trying to get money while the well groomed con man stood close by, no doubt trying to steal her card and PIN. Using my cell phone I dialed 911.              Luckily a patrol car must have been around the corner because two large policemen quickly entered the mall and accosted the man. After much talking, they took him away. I later learned that the man had been sought by authorities for milking older women of money. Just goes to show you that con men come in every age group.

 I’m not one to believe every sad story. I let my instincts guide me and I am rarely wrong. Of course, for me the best way to help others is to give to recognized charities. By doing so I’m sure the money goes to help those who really need it. Not con men.



Wednesday, June 15, 2022


When talking to one of my granddaughters recently I told her about something my mother used to do when I was growing up. She would collect family clothing that was no longer wearable as well as old sheets and such, and when she had a good bunch she would ship it to some company. There, woollens were set aside to make blankets and the rest was used in the manufacture of rugs. My mother was repaid with highly discounted blankets.

            My granddaughter was very impressed that my mother was so “avant-garde” as she put it. Of course in those days such action was not referred to as recycling, it was simply a matter of not wasting anything. People remembered the shortages of the Great Depression and of World War 11 and made it their duty to not waste anything.

Even if the term recycling was not used the end result was the same. Things were not thrown away but rather used for new projects as everyone is now finding out we can do by setting our minds to it. And it is amazing that it seems to have spurred creativity as new and amazing uses for things we used to throw away seem to constantly appear.

            In the years that followed the war, things changed as the world welcomed a new era. Gas was cheap and big cars -- many of them pink! -- were everywhere.  As well aircrafts became a preferred way to travel, but at what cost all this to the environment?   Today we are paying the price with climate change that is resulting in storms, floods, etc, and have so much more work to do to save our planet and ourselves.

            I think that today we should take the time to learn how things were done in the past in our search for a greener earth and a sustainable way of life for the generations that will follow. It is simply a question of respect.


Wednesday, June 8, 2022